Volgin’s goal is to help others achieve the best version of themselves by helping humans realize their maximum genetic, creative and life potential. We strive to bring humans to strength so they too can help the world.


Volgin is a naturetech company that specializes in returning biologically correct values back into modern living by identifying and understanding human health problems caused by oversights in modern technology and providing scientifically-based, comprehensive, sustainable and natural solutions. This includes creating pertinent and innovative scientific information and practical consumer products based on this concept.

One of the biggest and fastest growing problems resulting from technical oversight is modern microbiome health, which is our first and primary focus. The microbiome is a cornerstone of human health, and as it’s failing, we’re creating organic solutions to naturally support microbiome health.


We aim to correctly restore health using a comprehensive understanding of human health, which naturally straddles several disciplines including biology, medicine and food. We aim to prevent disease and eliminate the need for traditional medicine by making food quality so effective that it is better than a drug alternative.

How We’re Different

We understand the “why.” Our collective 68 years of scientific research experience, creative approach and comprehensive understanding of the many moving parts of health allows us to 1) see the big picture, 2) determine the causal problem zones, and 3) hone in on the precise problem root rather than address the many emanating symptoms. This approach lets us inject a small and targeted but powerful change that positively affects the entire human health dynamic. Therefore, we can produce relatively simple but incredibly effective solutions to seemingly very complex and multi-faceted problems. We share this information freely in hopes it helps others help the world, too.

Meet Our Team

Sasha Volguina



Dr. Andrei Volgin


President, Chief Scientist


Christina Pacifico

B.S. Mechanical Engineering (sustainability studies minor)


Christina is a passionate engineer who has made it her mission to learn as much as possible about manufacturing processes. She began her manufacturing journey at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute studying mechanical engineering and getting her hands dirty with formula hybrid car builds and engineering processes teaching roles. Her career as a manufacturing engineer began at General Electric Power, supporting generator copper service concerns by improving copper bending technologies. Additionally, she supported the patented design and implementation of the phosphorous-free copper-brazing technology, thereby improving generator life from 20 years to over 100 years. Christina continued pioneering manufacturing when she joined Tesla to support the construction of the first Gigafactory in Reno, Nevada. She supported the start and ramp of the first Model 3 and Y manufacturing lines. Her reputation earned her valuable connections at the company and led to her invitation onto the team to ramp Tesla's first in-house cell manufacturing line. She managed the design and liaised the manufacturing of the first 4680 battery cell. Her experiences at Tesla afforded her a more in-depth look into high-volume manufacturing, and chemical processing. At a fateful junction during the pandemic, Christina’s mother’s Alzheimer’s required her to move home to Texas. During her time working remotely for Rivian Automotive, she supported the creation of the company’s first cell manufacturing team by designing, staffing, and creating action plans for the cell design, equipment design, and facility design teams. It was during this difficult transition that she began to shift her area of interest. Research has shown that one of the primary ways of slowing Alzheimer’s and dementia is to target gut health. Christina’s focus shifted from environmental sustainability to human health. All of the previously mentioned accolades flowed into her newest endeavor at Volgin. Christina joined Sasha, Kirill, Irina, and Dr. Volgin to begin her most exciting journey yet: to found Volgin and continue the mission to help make food and beverage manufacturing more conducive to nutrient bioactivity and bioavailability. You will find Christina in Volgin’s first Houston facility, optimizing recipe controls and designing custom Volgin equipment. Her motivation is to continue to use her extensive skillset in renewable energies to innovate in the food and beverage manufacturing space. Ideally, she will help others from going through the same challenging time that she went through with her mother’s disease. In the future, Christina dreams of a world where these customized manufacturing processes help to preserve people’s gut health for longer, thereby leading to happier and healthier communities.

Kirill Volguin

BS Molecular Genetics Technology, MB(ASCP)


It was a dark, cold and wintery night, the warm mercury street lamps flooding the frigid banks of snow on the street. The soon to be parents of another child, Andrei and Irina, clunked along in their barely-running Lada, breaking the midnight silence on the way to the hospital. That night, Kirill Volguin was born. Soon after, he was whisked away to a strange and prosperous land, one he would call home for the next 30 years. Raised in Houston his whole life, his roots have set into the Texan soil quite well. He acquired his love for biology and nature from his parents, and a love for technology from video games and computers. His main strengths lie in those two fields of knowledge, and every day for him is another opportunity to learn something new. He's constantly observing the nature around him, plants and little critters alike. His roles in Volgin include being on the floor for production, sourcing/ordering/receiving/managing inventory, all things IT and website, and collaborating with all other team members. His hobbies include traveling to nature and cities, learning more about the world, learning programming, guitar/piano/singing, and video games.

Irina Volguina


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