Volgin at IHMC event in 2016

Volgin LLC recently participated in the International Human Microbiome Consortium (IHMC, 6th Congress) where both of our submitted and accepted abstracts were presented in the form of two poster sessions, and one of the posters additionally as an oral presentation. Below are long-form article versions of both abstracts, which we highly recommend you give a read. On the left, is the abstract we that was accepted as an oral presentation, which we conducted in order to see whether there is an increase in potentially microbiome-corrective foods, as a marker for whether people are seeking out solutions to poor microbiome health on their own already. On the right, is the article version of the abstract that explains how our colon isn't just there to compact our poop; it acts as the home to our ambassador of the biosphere within us: our gut microbiome, which is in constant communication with our bodies and the outside world, influencing all aspects of our health and even how we experience the world around us.

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