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raw beet & carrot salad
A vibrant, flavorful organic ready-to-eat raw beet and raw carrot salad topped with crunchy germinating mung beans and germinating sunflower seeds
Light but fiber-full & packed with raw root vegetable nutrients and crunch. Featuring pops of flavor & fiber from cranberries and prunes rounded out with a hint of avocado oil & fresh lemon juice
12 oz container

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- powerful natural gut microbiome support
- high active enzyme content optimizes digestion
-high fiber activates & optimizes peristalsis (intestinal movement)
- activates & optimizes liver function
- helps control bad cholesterol
- supports cardiovascular health
- powerful absorbant, aids in detoxification & heavy metal removal
- high concentration of bioavailable nutrients
- optimizes metabolism
- laxative effect for those with constipation
- increases seratonin synthesis (hormone of happiness)
- improves mood & energy levels
- prevents chronic disease
- increases health & longevity
- optimizes immune system function
- anti-aging antioxidants

- prebiotic
- highly bioactive
- highly bioavailable
- organic
- nutritionally dense
- raw, never pasteurized
- vegetarian
- locally produced & distributed
- small batch hand crafted
- low calorie-high effect
- created using the systemically regenerative principles of naturetech

meal or snack
    Enjoy as a flavorful meal or snack any time for a high bioactivity, high fiber boost & digestive support.

salad & topper
    Place on top of leafy greens as a dressing, in an existing salad or as a bowl component.
    A delicious pop of vibrancy to any dish that enhances depth of flavor!

side dish
    Add as a side to any food to simultaneously:
    - improve the flavor of a dish
    - increase ease of digestion of the rest of the meal
    - help the liver neutralize possible toxins in other parts of the meal

as a soup
    Use as a ready-to-go vegetable soup base!

Keep refrigerated until serving.

Enjoy by Best By date.

After opening, eat within 2-3 days.

Since beet salad contains a high amount of soluble and insoluble fiber (prebiotics)
and beneficial probiotics, those with imbalanced microbiomes should
start incorporating beet salad into their diet slowly to avoid digestive turbulence.

This beet salad is markedly unique in 2 ways:
    - it becomes better with time - its bioactivity and bioavailability increase over 3 weeks of unopened storage
    - due to its beneficial probiotic content, it’s able to self-defend against incidental & pathogenic microorganisms and fungi

Dr. Volgin’s Experiment
Volgin conducted an experiment that tested beet salad longevity over the course of 4 months (16 weeks). Dr. Volgin tested beet salads on himself - he would eat one salad per month that were all created on the same date. He enjoyed the salads throughout all 4 months, noting that the beet salads nearing the 4th month mark increased in acidity and fermented qualities.
On the 5th month, Dr. Volgin prepared a borsch soup from the remaining salads that the Volgin family enjoyed together. Dr. Volgin dubbed this style of eating “extreme recycling.” However, please enjoy your salads by their printed Best By dates!

- organic raw beets,
- organic raw carrots,
- organic germinated mung beans,
- organic germinated sunflower seeds,
- caramelized onion (in avocado oil),
- fresh lemon juice,
- avocado oil,
- prunes,
- dried cranberries,
- sea salt


raw beet & carrot salad

naturetech means using the power of nature to create ideal food for human health

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