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3 Germinated Grain Sourdough Bread
20 hour slow fermented organic whole grain sourdough using Volgin’s organic 3 grain wild starter culture and 3 organic germinated grains (rye, spelt and sunflower)
A light, versatile whole grain bread with pops of cranberry One of the healthiest breads available
850g loaf

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- supercharge diet with nutrition
- powerful bioactivity
- gut microbiome health
- digestive health
- stress recovery
- gluten is pre-digested and does not cause gluten sensitivity or inflammation

wild yeast
24 hr fermented

- eat fresh or toasted!
- keep 3-5 days on the counter or
- slice and freeze for 3 months or longer

germinated grains' bioactive compounds optimize metabolism and work as stress adaptogens for stress recovery

house milled 3 organic germinating grains
(whole rye, whole heirloom spelt & sunflower seeds)
organic bread flour
volgin in-house starter culture
(wild germinated rye microorganisms)
vegan wash (oat milk, agave, nectar)
reverse osmosis filtered water
sea salt


3 Germinated Grain Sourdough Bread

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