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A Wild Fermented organic raw beet drink made by native beet microbiota
Earthy undertones tamed by a vibrant, fermented, tangy naturally carbonated overtone
16 oz bottle

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powerful gut microbiome support
optimizes digestion
activates metabolism
activates and optimizes liver function
helps control bad cholesterol
supports cardiovascular health
powerful preworkout, effective muscle recovery
improves mood & energy levels
improves brain function & memory
prevents chronic disease
increases health and longevity
optimizes immune system function
boosts energy levels

highly bioactive
highly bioavailable
nutritionally dense
raw, never pasteurized
wild fermented
naturally carbonated
locally sourced, produced & distributed
small batch hand crafted
low calorie-high effect
created using the systemically regenerative principles of naturetech

You can drink beet kvass at any time in any amount that your body craves to receive the health benefits listed in "Health Benefits" tab

here are our suggestions for specific uses:

a) microbiome + nutrition + metabolism
2-4 oz a day minimum any time

b) digestion + liver + detoxification
3 oz before a meal

c) pre-workout
10 oz a minimum of 2 hrs before workout for an increase in performance of 10% (CITATION NEEDED)

d) post-workout
6 oz after workout for muscle recovery

e) mixer + probiotic shot
2-4 oz in any cocktail, mocktail, smoothie or juice

Effect of beet kvass may improve athletic performance due to vasodilating effect!

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Beet Kvass on the first drink can act as a diuretic. Please consider when taking for first time.



naturetech means using the power of nature to create ideal food for human health

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