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Germinated Grain Individual Pack
Whole, living raw organic germinating grain berries at peak nutrition
A powerful, ignited spark that’s chewy, neutral and pleasant to eat
12 oz container

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- gut microbiome health
- digestive health
- stress recovery
- supercharge diet with nutrition
- powerful bioactivity

- organic
- alive
- raw
- vegan
- probiotic
- prebiotic

- 2 tablespoons a day minimum for gut & microbiome maintenance
- eaten raw for maximum benefit
- can be mixed with any food
- can be blended in blender (smoothie or otherwise) for easier eating
     - must be eaten within 10 minutes to avoid oxidation
- can be cooked if necessary, probiotic content will be lost but prebiotic content and most nutrition retained

Didn't finish them in time before they acquired really long roots? No worries! Place in moist soil and watch them grow in to plants!


Germinated Grain Individual Pack

naturetech means using the power of nature to create ideal food for human health

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