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Germinated Grain - Mung Beans
Whole, living raw organic germinated mung beans at peak nutrition
A powerful, ignited spark of life with a light sweet pea flavor
12 oz container

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- one of the most powerful natural gut microbiome supportive foods
- probiotic: contains a wide range of beneficial probiotic microorganisms
- prebiotic: high concentration of essential soluble & insoluble fiber
- prebiotics feed & activate existing human microbiome microorganisms
- prebiotic fiber helps grain microbiota survive digestion & integrate into gut microbiome,
- providing both aerobic species in small intestine & anaerobic species in large intestine
- nutritional powerhouse of existing & freshly synthesized vitamins
- powerful source of active enzymes & bioactive compounds
- contains optimal macronutrients & micronutrients in bioavailable format
- slow-digesting high quality carbs with lower glycemic index
- powerful source of stress adaptogens help recover from heavy stress
- sharply increases nutritional value of diet
- optimizes digestion
- activates metabolism
- activates & optimizes liver function
- helps control bad cholesterol
- supports cardiovascular health
- improves mood & energy levels
- improves brain function & memory
- prevents chronic disease
- increases health & longevity
- optimizes immune system function

In addition to the qualities above, mung beans possess several specific features:
- high source of complete raw vegan protein
- optimizes digestive peristalsis, helps relieve constipation
- gluten-free

- probiotic
- prebiotic
- gluten-free
- highly bioactive
- highly bioavailable
- organic
- non-GMO
- nutritionally dense
- sourced from healthy US farms
- locally produced & distributed
- extensively vetted for germination quality
- raw, never pasteurized
- vegan
- small batch hand crafted
- created using the systemically regenerative principles of naturetech
- very low glycemic index

Keep refrigerated and consume germinated mung beans within 7 days of purchase when nutrient content is highest. We suggest consuming at least 2 tablespoons of raw germinated mung beans per day for highest nutrient & probiotic content, but it may also be cooked.
Cooking mung beans will remove its probiotic value, but prebiotic fiber, most of its bioactive content and vitamins will remain.
Consume mung beans before the radicle (root) doubles the length of the grain.

whole raw germinated mung beans
2-4 tablespoons a day minimum any time in:
- salads
- sandwiches
- yogurt
- smoothie component or topper
- as a side dish to a meal, especially for fish and meats

blended raw germinated mung beans
2-10 tablespoons for those who have a harder time chewing:
- blend and add to any food like salad, yogurt, smoothie, etc.
- blend with olive oil, lemon juice, basil, dill, garlic, mustard, salt & pepper
to create a raw Tsar Salad Dressing
- blend sunflower and mung beans with tahini, lemon, garlic and olive oil for raw hummus

cooked germinated mung beans
2-10 tablespoons
- add whole germinated mung beans to curries, stews and soups
- blend and add to baked goods like healthy breads, pancakes, cookies, muffins, etc.

Keep refrigerated until serving.

Germination is a natural test of grain quality: only high quality, organic, non-GMO, correctly grown and stored, undamaged grain will germinate.

The Volgin team was awarded a patent for naturetech grain germination in 2016.

Mung beans are one of the most commonly used beans in Indian cuisine as a strong source of vegan protein.

If you haven’t finished your germinated mung beans before they overgrow, you can put the beans on top of healthy soil to receive microgreens within 3-5 days.
After 2-3 months, you’ll be able to harvest the next generation of beans yourself!

organic whole Phase 3 germinated mung beans

germinated by Volgin’s patented naturetech germination technology
using reverse osmosis filtered water


Germinated Grain - Mung Beans

naturetech means using the power of nature to create ideal food for human health

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