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A concentrated unique elixir made from raw or cold-pressed foods found in nature that provide powerful immune system support, optimize metabolism & improve microbiome function
Berry forest bouquet flavor in an unfiltered smoothie style drink.
8 oz bottle
over 8,000 bottles enjoyed!

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Immunitea contains a high concentration of nutrients that are missing from most modern diets and is one of the most nutritionally dense and naturally biologically active foods available.

- optimizes immune system function of both innate & adaptive immune systems
- helps body fight off & prevent infection
- components synergistically increase resistance to viral, fungal & bacterial infection
- provides powerful stress adaptogens
- helps recover from infection faster
- optimizes metabolism, boosts energy & stamina
- supports microbiome function & digestion
- supercharges the body with bioavailable vitamins, minerals & other important bioactive nutrients
- increases energy, mood & mental health
- has strong anti-aging effects
- promotes longevity & vitality
- may prevent cancer risk

- prebiotic
- highly bioactive
- highly bioavailable
- organic
- nutritionally dense
- raw, never pasteurized
- vegetarian
- locally produced & distributed
- small batch hand crafted
- low calorie-high effect
- created using the systemically regenerative principles of naturetech

Immunitea can be drank any time in any amount that your body craves to receive health benefits listed.
Here are our suggestions for specific uses:

immune support and chronic disease prevention:
2-4 ounces a day minimum at any time

before: lowering risk or preventing new viral disease infection
4-6 ounces daily

during: preventing progression of new infection
6-8 ounces daily

after: recovery after infection
4-8 ounces daily

for enjoyment:
no limit-drink as you would like

culinary applications:
add to fresh-pressed juices, smoothies,
cocktails or mocktails for a
nutrient dense, flavorful boost

for travel:
8 ounces one day prior to travel
8 ounces on day of travel

Keep refrigerated until serving, serve cold.

Slowly tip upside-down to mix
solids that may have settled on bottom.

product contains theine due to presence of tea

Siberian communities, especially hunters, widely drank lingonberry water (lingonberries soaked in water) throughout the winter as a source of energy for recovery from heavy physical activity, and as powerful detoxifier containing a wealth of vitamins. Lingberry water was used as a preventative measure for bacterial and viral infections.

Black Currant Berries
Black currant berries are a superfood, containing one of the highest concentrations of antioxidants & vitamin C of any berry or fruit. Black currants are widely used in Siberia, where it grows natively, as the main source of vitamin C.

Brazillian Propolis
“Killer” bees were established when bees from southern Africa and local Brazilian honey bees mated. The Africanized bee was first identified in Brazil in the 1950s, but it quickly spread through Central and South America after a handful of swarms escaped quarantine. Typical honey bees produce a lot of honey, but have a tendency to become sick. African bees produced next to no honey, but did not get sick. The cross of the Brazilian honey and African bees produced a bee that creates a propolis containing the most powerful source of bee antibiotics/antifungal/antiviral properties. Volgin uses Brazilian bee propolis in Immunitea for this reason.

Alexander the Great used shilajit during his expeditions in India as a remedy for a number of diseases, such as bone fractures, wounds, inflammation, and headache.

Chaga mushrooms were a staple ingredient in secret shaman healing recipes across the Siberian plain.

- whole blackcurrant berries (Europe),
- whole cowberries (Europe),
- full leaf black tea (India) made with RO filtered water,
- chaga mushroom (Siberia),
- shilajit (Altai Mountains),
- bee propolis (Brazil),
- fresh grapefruit juice,
- fresh grapefruit rind,
- fresh lemon juice,
- fresh lemon rind,
- unfiltered raw honey



naturetech means using the power of nature to create ideal food for human health

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