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Old World Sourdough Rye Bread
Long-term fermented organic whole grain rye sourdough using native rye microbiota
A dense, moist, flavorful, lightly tart, hearty bread in European style. One of the healthiest breads available. No extra spices or flavors added; just rich earthy bread.
850g loaf

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- great source of fiber, nutrients, protein, vitamins & microelements
- supports gut microbiome health
- high soluble & insoluble fiber content
- low-gluten in non-inflammatory format
- lower glycemic index than most other breads
- optimizes digestion
- high in stress adaptogens for stress recovery
- supports mood & brain function
- liver health support
- cardiovascular health & disease prevention
- immune system function optimization
- supports health & longevity
- enhances flavor of any dish

- prebiotic
- highly bioactive
- highly bioavailable
- organic
- nutritionally dense
- wild fermented
- vegan
- locally produced & distrubted
- small batch hand crafted
- created using the systematically regenerative principles of naturetech

Eat fresh or toasted!

If you plan to finish your fresh loaf within 3-5 days, keep it at room temperature in its bag.

If you don’t plan to finish your whole loaf, slice and freeze it for 3+ months. Remove a slice
at a time and toast!

Freezing bread will not reduce any of its nutrition or flavor qualities. In fact, freezing transforms
starches into resistant starches, reducing bread’s glycemic index.

Using rye bread enhances the flavor of ingredients in sandwiches, open-faced toasts and french toast.
Adding a slice of rye bread to dishes, salads, soups or meats, increases the flavor profile of the dish,
adds missing nutritional components and helps neutralize unhealthy food components or toxins.
Thinly slicing and toasting rye bread in the oven for 350F for 15 minutes creates delectable rye chips or croutons.
Rye chips or croutons can be stored for extensive periods of time if stored in a cool, dry place.
Blitz croutons in a blender to create sourdough bread crumbs.
Any toasted or leftover rye bread may be used as stuffing for a turkey or other poultry for a well-rounded,
flavorful stuffing.

Gluten is pre-digested and does not cause gluten sensitivity or inflammation!

Because rye sourdough contains all necessary nutrient components, including macronutrients, microelements, vitamins & fiber, many populations in Europe used this style of rye bread as a staple foundation food during famine and harsh conditions.

organic whole dark stone ground rye flour,
organic whole unbleached hard red wheat flour,
Volgin’s organic wild germinating rye culture,
reverse osmosis filtered water,
sea salt,
less than 0.1% of bread top glaze: oat milk & agave syrup


Old World Sourdough Rye Bread

naturetech means using the power of nature to create ideal food for human health

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