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Rye Kvass
A wild fermented raw rye drink made by native rye microbiota
Caramelly, malty, nutritious naturally carbonated rye drink
16 oz bottle

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- powerful gut microbiome support
- optimizes digestion
- activates metabolism
- supports liver health
- increases serotonin synthesis (hormone of happiness)
- rye stress adaptogens aid in stress recovery
- hydrates & balances electrolytes in hot weather
- doesn’t cause gluten sensitivity or inflammation
- improves mood & energy levels
- improves brain function & memory
- prevents chronic disease
- increases health & longevity
- optimizes immune system function
- boosts energy levels

- probiotic
- prebiotic
- highly bioactive
- highly bioavailable
- organic
- nutritionally dense
- raw, never pasteurized
- wild fermented
- naturally carbonated
- vegan
- locally sourced, produced & distributed
- small batch hand crafted
- low calorie-high effect
- created using the systemically regenerative principles of naturetech

Rye kvass can be drank any time in any amount that your body craves to receive health benefits listed.
Here are our suggestions for specific uses:

microbiome + nutrition + metabolism
    4-6 ounces a day minimum any time

    no minimum - drink as you’d like!

mixer + probiotic shot
    2-4 ounces in any cocktail, mocktail,
    smoothie or juice

Keep refrigerated until serving, serve cold.

Do not shake immediately before use.

Slowly tip upside-down to mix
culture that may have settled on bottom.

All fermented foods naturally contain traces of alcohol.
Kvass typically contains <0.5% ABV. Consult your
doctor if you have any concerns.

nationally recognized
Volgin’s rye kvass has been nationally recognized as a Good Food Award Finalist in taste, quality and sustainability for every year Volgin has applied (2022 & 2023) out of over 1,750 applicants, making Volgin the only company from Texas to be recognized for fermented drinks. The Good Food Awards tastes tests and vets thousands of applicants yearly.

sober ferment
Customers who prefer to drink less or not drink at social functions enjoy the malty, familiar flavor and appearance of rye kvass. Swapping out a beer for kvass not only helps cut down on alcohol consumed but also provides a healthy probiotic, prebiotic and nutrient dense hydrating boost!

resusable bottle
Comes in durable, reusable aluminum bottle. When you're done with it, it's 100% recyclable. (68% of all aluminum in beverage containers is from a recycled source)

- European rye malt,
- reverse osmosis filtered water,
- Volgin’s organic wild germinated rye culture


Rye Kvass

naturetech means using the power of nature to create ideal food for human health

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