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Wild Fermented Probiotic Kraut
Wild fermented raw organic cabbage and organic carrots made by native cabbage microbiota with no water added
Well-rounded, robust, crispy kraut salad made the old world way - no sugar or vinegar!
16 oz jar

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- powerful natural gut microbiome support
- sharply optimizes digestion, activates peristalsis (intestinal movement)
- powerful absorbant, aids in detoxification & heavy metal removal
- high concentration of bioavailable vitamins C & K
- great side dish for foods that may contain unhealthy ingredients due to high fiber content
- rehydrates body and restores electrolytes
- optimizes metabolism
- increases seratonin synthesis (hormone of happiness)
- improves mood & energy levels
- prevents chronic disease
- increases health and longevity
- optimizes immune system function
- anti-aging antioxidants
- diabetes prevention
- great for weight management, very low calorie

- probiotic
- prebiotic
- highly bioactive
- highly bioavailable
- nutritionally dense
- raw, never pasteurized
- wild fermented
- vegan
- locally sourced, produced & distributed
- small batch hand crafted
- low calorie-high effect
- created using the systemically regenerative principles of naturetech

Use everything in the jar!

Enjoy as a zingy snack any time for a low calorie-high bioactivity. Add a bit of fat, like avocado or olive oil
for higher vitamin A absorption. Some like to add a touch of honey for sweetness!

salad & side dish
A delicious pop of vibrancy to any dish that enhances depth of flavor! Add directly as a salad
or bowl component. Kraut improves digestion, mood and provide a feeling
of contentment from food faster.

probiotic brine as salad dressing
Add probiotic kraut brine to any salad dressing to significantly enhance flavor
and improve gut microbiome health

as a soup
Use as a ready-to-go vegetable soup base!

Keep refrigerated until serving.
Keep kraut submerged under brine after opening/use.

After opening, kraut can be stored in the fridge for 3 weeks as long as kraut is submerged.

Since kraut contains a high amount of soluble and insoluble fiber (prebiotics) and powerful beneficial probiotics, those with imbalanced microbiomes should start incorporating kraut into their diet slowly to avoid digestive turbulence.
Start with 1 tablespoon per day and work up to a cup per day.

Kraut is one of the most prolific and ancient vegetable fermentations in history, dating back to Roman times. Pliny the Elder wrote in one of his scientific books that kraut “Cabbage gives a lot of milk to nursing mothers, helps with dull eyes, has a positive effect on headaches and should be beneficial after a high alcohol consumption."

Kraut juice helps hangovers because it contains a compound called succinic acid, which neutralizes one of the toxins resulting from alcohol breakdown.

High soluble and insoluble fiber in kraut helps neutralize possible toxins present in meats, so it is often consumed with beef, pork or sausage.

organic cabbage,
organic carrots,
Volgin’s organic wild cabbage culture,
reverse osmosis filtered water,
sea salt


Wild Fermented Probiotic Kraut

naturetech means using the power of nature to create ideal food for human health

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