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Wild Fermented Probiotic Mushrooms
Wild-fermented organic baby portobello and local oyster mushrooms made by native mushroom microbiota
Flavorful, earthy, robust mushrooms in a way you’ve never experienced
4 oz jar

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- gut microbiome support
- great source of complete protein
- great source of microelements including selenium and copper
- increases and optimizes digestion
- liver health support
- cardiovascular health and disease prevention
- immune system function optimization,
- diabetes prevention
- anti-aging antioxidants
- optimize metabolism
- low calorie-high protein
- supports health and longevity
- enhances flavor of any dish

highly bioactive
highly bioavailable
raw, unpasteurized
wild fermented
no sugar added
no vinegar added
small batch
low calorie-high protein

- use everything in the jar!
- use mushrooms with its juice as a complementary side for any dish
- in salads
- as a snack or as the highlight of your charcuterie board or toast.
- great source of protein that can be used in place of meat
- use leftover brine as a flavorful probiotic salad dressing

Cooked or sundried mushrooms only provide 2% of available nutrients to our bodies. Wild fermented mushrooms are 98% bioavailable!

locally available mushrooms,
volgin wild mushroom starter culture,
organic garlic,
volgin's organic bay leaf,
organic black peppercorns,
organic coriander,
organic dill,
sea salt

may taste more delicious enjoyed with some oil


Wild Fermented Probiotic Mushrooms

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