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Wild Fermented Probiotic Mushrooms
Wild fermented raw organic baby portobello mushrooms made by native mushrooms microbiota
Flavorful, earthy, robust mushrooms in a way you’ve never experienced - always a customer favorite!
4 oz jar

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- powerful natural gut microbiome support
- great source of complete protein
- enhances flavor of any dish
- great source of bioavailable microelements including iron, calcium & potassium
- increases and optimizes digestion
- liver health support
- brain function support
- cardiovascular health and disease prevention
- immune system function optimization
- anti-aging antioxidants
- optimize metabolism
- low calorie-high protein
- supports health and longevity

- probiotic
- prebiotic
- highly bioactive
- highly bioavailable
- nutritionally dense
- raw, never pasteurized
- wild fermented
- vegan
- locally sourced, produced & distributed
- small batch hand crafted
- low calorie-high effect
- created using the systemically regenerative principles of naturetech
- jarred in glass

Use everything in the jar!

A delicious pop of vibrancy to any dish that enhances depth of flavor! Add directly as a salad
or bowl component. Eat first as an aperetif to optimize liver function and prime the liver to
more effectively neutralize possible toxins present in other foods within the meal.

probiotic brine as salad dressing
add probiotic mushroom brine to any salad dressing to significantly enhance flavor
and improve gut microbiome health

charcuterie, toast & pizza topping
use as a highlight of your charcuterie board or top toasts and pizzas for significantly improved
nutritional value

meat replacement
use instead of meat for a serving while enjoying similar protein content

Keep refrigerated until serving.
Keep mushrooms submerged under brine after opening/use.

After opening, mushrooms can be stored in the fridge for
3 weeks as long as mushrooms are submerged.

may taste more delicious enjoyed with some oil

Mushroom preservation is an ancient craft. However, only two major commerical methods exist now:
1. mushrooms are heat treated and placed in a salted brine
2. mushrooms are heat treated marinated with vinegar

However, Volgin has invented a third approach:
3. mushroom fermentation using microorganisms native to mushrooms with no heat treatment or vinegar

The two major commercial mushroom methods may pose a significant health risk if production parameters are not met - if mushrooms weren’t marinated or salted correctly and
stored without access to oxygen, undetectable botulism bacteria could grow and poison consumers.
Volgin’s naturetech fermentation completely eliminates the possibility of botulism in our products.
Since Volgin fermentation is aerobic and led by mushroom microbiota, ferments reach a Ph low enough
that inhibits pathogenic microorganisms growth, making it impossible for Volgin
fermented mushrooms to contain any pathogens.

Most importantly, Volgin’s mushroom fermentation
transforms mushrooms from 2% bioavailable to 98% bioavailable,
unlike the commercial brine and marination methods or consuming mushrooms raw.

locally available mushrooms,
volgin wild mushroom starter culture,
organic garlic,
volgin's organic bay leaf,
organic black peppercorns,
organic coriander,
organic dill,
sea salt


Wild Fermented Probiotic Mushrooms

naturetech means using the power of nature to create ideal food for human health

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